Japan Tsunami Appealその後
     以前、お知らせした、ロンドンでのチャリティJapan Tsunami Appealの主催者の方から、



     Dear Friends and Guests,

     Thank you all so much for joining us in Aid Nippon event at Park City Hotel
     on Wednesday, 30th March 2011.

     Your kind and generous support made this event such a great success,
     with in excess of 200 guests and volunteers attending. The total funds
     raised reached £10,301.02, all of which was deposited today in favour
     of the British Red Cross, Japan Tsunami Appeal.

     There are continuing efforts in Japan by numerous people, providing
     whatever may be necessary in the aftermath of this tragedy to whoever
     is in need. We would particularly like to mention those who are risking
     their lives to bring the nuclear power plant under control.

     We were inspired by your words and sympathy during the evening.
     We wish for the soonest recovery possible from this tragedy.
     Thank you very much again for your support!

     Best wishes,
     (主催者 氏名)
by sakanatowani | 2011-04-04 02:28 | ひびのこと diary
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